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Jun. 4th, 2015

Hell is sorting through baby clothes after two miscarriages.

Holla back

I miss livejournal!! Anybody read anything good lately??
We are going to Nebraska in a few weeks! I am excited to see my family in law and old friends from college, and am sad because I can no longer go to the bar and pee in the cornfield like old times. (My college drinking place- besides my front room- was right next to a cornfield. As is most of Nebraska. I kid, I kid. Except it is.)  

But I just realized it was over the Avengers opening weekend. So I cannot go with betrayme because I am a huge loserpants. Le sigh. 
There is only one solution. Go in Nebraska to a midnight showing and put betrayme on speakerphone.

Jan. 26th, 2012

So I just realized the last post I wrote said that I was largely over feeling awful. Ha bloody ha. I just got home from a three day stint at the hospital for pneumonia. My temp went up to 39.7 at one point, which let me tell you is no fun. There's nothing more pathetic than a grown woman blubbering for her mother on the floor, too short of breath to stand up.

Oh, and I was happy because I was pregnant again, which I lost. It could have happened anyway, but I think it was because I was so sick. 

It's been a rough week.
I am largely over feeling awful! I get sick way more often working in the clinic with sick people with common illnesses, versus working in the hospital with MRSA and VRE and c-diff, so I guess- yay? I spent eleven hours at my clinic on Thursday- well, ten, Zac brought me chicken soup and took me away for my lunch- shivering at my desk and thinking about rolling in purell. Or making my patients roll in it before they came in the door, I don't know. My plans were half baked and nebulous.

This is what's making me happy right now:

Stolen from made by ironfries who is AMAZING and I can't believe we already have so much fanart and fic and EVERYTHING IS SPARKLY IN THE AVENGERS FANDOM. I think we even have unicorns, I'm not sure. 

EDIT: we do have unicorns! Link in the comments.


Anybody have any good episodes of Big Bang Theory they would like to recommend? Or any other funny TV that would be nice to watch while I exercise?  There's a limit to listening to Lady Gaga on the treadmill, and I think I'm reaching it. 

if only they actually had a hamster wheel at the gym, my deranged running would actually be funny

I'm getting my son back into napping! And I got an official offer for the prn transplant job I've been angling for! I'm looking forward to orienting to the hospital I've worked at the last five years. The world is a happy place.

I'm downloading A Muppet Christmas Special. I AM EXCITE.

And my best friend is GRADUATING FROM HER MASTER'S YAY betrayme!!!!!!!!!! I will totally buy you whiskey and run interference for our parents on your graduation partay. (Do people still say partay? Regardless, I just did.) YAY!!!!!!!! I will play the air banjo and annoy everybody in a fifteen foot radius.

The Muppets Movie!

Run, don't walk, to go see The Muppets. Seriously. It's about fandom, and the Rainbow Connection, and it had a barbershop quartet version of Smells Like Teen Spirit.

Which I can't stop listening to. It might be a problem.

I want to put together an actual review, but I am way too flaily about the whole thing. Someone wrapped my childhood up in sparkly wrapping paper and set it to music.

Breaking Dawn Part 1 (WTH? Part 1?)

Ok, so this continues my initial impression of Twilight- terrible literature, watchable movies. This is also the first time reading the books where I felt that I was actually reading horror, and an interesting take on body horror.

Massive spoilers for Breaking Dawn, and the rest of the Twilight. Also, I'm a pro-choice lady, and I talk about my experiences with pregnancy and loss.

I'm not going to bother seeing Part 2.Collapse )

I'm going to go read Growing Up Cullen until the bad taste in my mouth goes away. Is anything fun happening on ontd_twatlight?

Nov. 15th, 2011

Watching Deathly Hallows Part 2.